About Wendy Piersall

Hey there! :) I’m Wendy Piersall, and I’m a serial entrepreneur, web 2.0 geek, and I get a little OCD about marketing (OK, a lot). I’m also passionate about technology, business, blogging, crafting and being a mom to three pretty amazing kids.

This site is my home away from home, a place to show off the incredibly cool work I’ve been able to do in my blogging and social media career. It’s also a nice central location for all of my projects – because we serial entrepreneurs can’t seem to have just one gig going at a time…

If you are looking for a professional speaker, here are my speaking bio and speaking topics.

Here are links to some awesome press mentions that I still sometimes can’t believe are about me.

If you are looking for social media consulting, here’s information about my background and my areas of expertise, which are marketing to women and moms, social networks, online business and blogging.  Fair warning, I’m so busy these days that I rarely, if ever, take on consulting projects anymore.

And everything you would ever want to know about me and my companies:

Woo! Jr. is my kids activities blog network. I’m rather proud of it. It gets tons of traffic and the content is almost all written by me.

Sparkplugging is the business blog network I founded in 2006. I sold it in 2009. The new owners haven’t really done anything with it, and yeah, that kind of sucks. But I’ve let it go.

In November of 2010, I began writing the book Mom Blogging for Dummies, to be published by Wiley in the Summer of 2011. It still hasn’t sunk in that soon I can say, “I wrote the book on mom blogging”. Wow.

I also wrote in the past for Entrepreneur.com. I love saying that.

In October 2010 I started another little side blog called CopycatCrafts. Let’s just say it’s going well so far.

Here are some fascinating and awesome social media marketing case studies of campaigns I have put together and worked on.

I serve on the Blogger Advisory Board for social media marketing company IZEA.

I’ve been featured in the following books:

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

Professional Blogging for Dummies

Career Renegade

Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day

You can also find me most active on these social networks: